Analytical Laboratory of Vegetable Extracts and Fragrances

Welcome to the site of LEXVA Analytical Laboratory

Located in the middle of Auvergne, within the Biopole Clermont–Limagne in St–Beauzire 63360 (FRANCE), LEXVA Analytique was created in 2007 by Dr. Gilles FIGUEREDO.

LEXVA Analytique is specialized in the physicochemical analysis of vegetable extracts and fragrances for the cosmetic, perfume, pharmaceutical and food industries.


Our strengths

LEXVA Analytique pursues the activities of the Essential Oils Laboratory, created by Dr. Jean-Claude CHALCHAT more than 30 years ago, and thus benefits from a long-term analytical experience.

LEXVA Analytique has an ongoing collaboration with several university researchers and hence ensures that its facilities possess conform and cutting-edge technologies.

Our laboratory is equipped with sensitive GC, GC/MS and HPLC (UV DAD DEDL FLUO RI), allowing precise analyses of a wide variety of volatile and non-volatile compounds.

We propose our customers to make detailed studies on a desired application. Our qualified team will be able to guide you in your reflection.

Our engagement

"To diagnose, study, and propose the best adapted solutions and to develop all initiatives aiming at a better knowledge of natural products."

Today we provide

  • A team partners of your innovating natural products
  • A personalized service always listening to the needs of its customers
  • A certified and qualified team with lots of competences and potential
  • Advices to solve your problematic at the best analytical price
  • Personalized supports and expertises
  • Development of "turn–key" technical analyses
  • Insurance of a traceability from the plant to the extract
  • Personalized analyses according to your own tender specifications
  • Cutting edge technologies to answer your request
  • Technical and scientific surveys in short time
  • Duty of confidentiality